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From The President
As I start my second article for the Graduate I reflected upon the progress we have made over the last six months! In many ways the headway has been slow but steady and many may not have noticed; however, at least from my perspective, it has been a rewarding for-ward movement.
Thanks to Chapter 7, Charlotte, NC, we have a site for our Annual Membership Meeting! They are to be commended for stepping up on very short notice to host our meeting. We will be doing things differ-ently this year as our finances won’t support a three day hotel confer-ence; we will be holding all business meetings on the base of the NC Air National Guard! Thank you to the leadership of the unit for making this venue available to our Association! You will find additional infor-mation in this Graduate issue.
I want to express gratitude to members, who have a vast knowledge of our history, for stepping forward to provide historical articles for the Graduate.
Members are being submitted for awards this year! The submission deadline was 15 February and I understand we have at least one package for each available award. Recognizing our mem-bers is very important as we grow our Association.
By making it one of our priories this year we have tracked down information needed to recog-nize deceased members. This is an ongoing project and we are requesting your help by reviewing membership rosters to ensure deceased members are not on them. Keep in mind that you may recognize a name that younger Chapter members would not know and assume the person is just retired and not deceased. Also we need to ensure that deceased members’ dependents are noti-fied they may be eligible for scholarships.
Membership continues to be an issue; however we are making some progress in that area also. It is very important that all members are given an opportunity to review the membership ros-ter and ensure that their membership status is current and correct. We are working to get notices to members whose dues aren’t current and ensuring that they are eligible for all benefits available to them.
SCHOLARSHIPS! The cutoff for submission of scholarship packages is 1 May 2014. It is refreshing to know that some students are already working on their scholarship packages. NO-TICE OF CHANGE: Applications will be submitted to the local chapter for initial review and then forwarded to the 1st Vice President of Chapter One by 1 May of each year. If the applicant’s chap-ter is deactivated, they may submit their application directly to the 1st Vice President of Chapter One by the deadline. Look for additional information on the scholarship program in this issue of the Graduate.
As mentioned in my monthly newsletters posted on our website,, we are building a database of e-mails and will use those e-mails to communicate with you on a regular basis. My first vast communication effort had 190 returned e-mails due to invalid addresses. If you would like to receive NCOAGA communication via e-mail please provide, preferably a civilian, valid e-mail address to me and to DAL-Membership at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I will use your information to continue to build my address list and membership can update your e-mail on the membership roster for future officers’ communication.
I am always available to listen to your concerns referencing our Association as well as issues that you may need assistance with.
Thank you to the membership for the support I have received since becoming your President. I plan to continue the progress we have achieved and press forward to grow our Association.
Janice O. Richardson, CMSgt (Ret)
President NCOAGA
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Issue 165
April 2014
Happy Spring fellow NCOAGA members! I am excited for more daylight and warmer weather. I am also excited that we are quickly approaching our 46th Gen-eral Membership Meeting. Your NCOAGA Board of Directors and Chapter 7 are working hard to make this year’s meeting a great one. We are off to a good start as I have received a few nominations for awards, so I look forward to us being able to award an Outstanding Gradu-ate and I.G. Brown Command Excellence Awards this year.
With our General Membership Meeting approaching we need to make sure we are completing award nominations, chapter reports, scholarship nominations, and registering for the meeting so we are prepared and ready for a great meeting.
Finally, if your unit does not currently host a Satellite Non-commissioned Officer or Airman Leadership course, I challenge you to ask questions and find out how to bring it to your units. You can contact anyone from the Board of Directors anytime to get more information or to point you in the right direction. See everyone in July!
Jen Weitekamp, MSgt
2nd Vice President
Mission at Hand
Do you know someone in your town or city that is passionate about supporting the military? If so, have you approached them about becoming a corporate sponsor for our NCOAGA? We need your assistance in this en-deavor. The Corporate Sponsor Program allows us to continue to fund our scholarships and contin-ue our mission of supporting pro-fessional military education and developmental education. If you have any questions or sugges-tions please feel free to contact me. You, as a member, hold the key to our future.
The Be Square Program is still another great way to give back to our Association. Over the past few years we have started an Adoption Program so that you, or your chapter, can adopt pledges for members of your chapter who were not in a position to donate. It is never too late for you to sign up to be a Be Square member!
On a non-financial note I would like to applaud the NCO-AGA members who have stayed relevant to the cause and stepped up in the effort to support the Sat-ellite EPME program. These classes are full and our mission of supporting EPME is energizing the efforts of satellite locations across our nation. If you haven’t gotten involved there is no time like the present. Whether you take advantage of opportunities to encourage Airmen to attend, or volunteer to be a facilitator, you are making a difference and serv-ing our Association well. We are selling out satellite EPME like a concert and that is awesome. Keep it up!
“Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army.” - Edward Everett
Eric D Vickrey, MSgt
DAL-Ways and Means
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We are the busiest society in history! There is a constant drain on our time. Between work, spouse, kids, school (for some of us), and the unexpected emergencies that seem to pop up on a regular basis, we’re lucky half of what we plan to do actually gets accomplished. If you’re anything like me, you work hard all day, take care of the family situations after work, climb into bed to end the day…and then it hits you…OH NO! I forgot to do…
So what’s my point? There’s a very important deadline approaching for NCOAGA members with children who are getting ready to begin college. The deadline for scholarship applications is 1 May. But before the applications and essays get to me, they have to go through your local chapter first. So you’re time is FAST approaching! Don’t let your busy life lead you to forgetting about these great opportunities for your children.
There are multiple scholarship opportunities available. The information about how to apply, and this year’s essay topics, are all located on the web-site,, under the “Programs” tab. Everything you need to know about scholarship programs, expectations, and applications is there!
I know this article is a little short – I’ve got a pretty busy life too. But if you have any problems or questions about the scholarship programs, please nev-er hesitate to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or (865) 336 3550. I’ll always do my best to help.
Please don’t miss out on this golden opportunity!
Until the next time…God Bless!
Andrew Traugot, SMSgt
1st Vice President
Hello from Chapter 75, Fly’n Illini! We have been up to great things and thought we would share a few with you! Our chapter has served lunch to the base over drill weekend due to the Services Squadron being deployed, held a chili-cook off, volunteered at the a local VA Home, made a donation to the 182d in Peoria, Illi-nois to support their troops affected by the devastating tornado in November and held another Satellite Non-commissioned Officer Academy (NCOA) class. Of all our accomplishments over the last year, we are most proud of being able to host another Satellite NCOA class for our unit.
Satellite NCOA and Airman Leadership School (ALS) are growing stronger by the class! Did you know that within minutes of opening up registration the Satel-lite ALS course was full and starting a waiting list?! This is great news! With schoolhouses being booked up for the full in-residence course, satellite is a great option for our airmen and NCOs to get in-residence credit while spending less time away from home and work. As a chapter, we highly recommend all chapters look into hosting Satellite courses and help give our airmen and NCOs the chance to get the in-residence credit that they may not be able to receive other-wise.
Jen Weitekamp, MSgt
Region6, Chapter 75
IAW Article X of the Articles of Incorporation of the NCO-AGA, Regular* and Associ-ate* members may partici-pate in positions on the NCOAGA Board. If you would like to apply for a po-sition the AGH Chapter 1, Section 2 provides job de-scriptions and length of as-signment. These positions are open to NCO’s who are active (paid up) and “Regular*” members of the NCOAGA. Regular* Member is defined as attended resi-dent PME, Associate* Mem-ber is defined as completed correspondence PME. Fol-lowing is a list of positions that will be available for election/appointment July 2014 at our General Mem-bership Meeting in Charlotte:
President, 1st Vice President, and 2nd Vice President; voted on each year.
Treasurer must be an active (paid up), “Regular*” member of the NCOAGA and is voted on each even year.
Region Directors must be active (paid up), “Regular*” members of the NCOAGA. Even num-bered regions (2, 4 and 6) are voted in by their region each even year. There are also cur-rent openings for Regions 1 and 5.
Director-at-Large or Non-Voting positions appointed each even year by the President and ap-proved by two thirds of the Board of Directors are Member-ship and TEC. Active (paid up) Regular* or Associate* mem-bers of the NCOAGA may ap-ply.
President, 1st VP and 2nd VP must be NCO; all other positions can be NCO or Officer
Nomination for Office Form 6-13 is in the Graduate on page 13 or can be pulled electronically from the AGH pages 135 and 136 on the website,
If you have questions or need additional information please contact me by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 828-458-8308.
A lot has happened since last year’s 45th General Member-ship Meeting! As your Treasurer, I’ve been busy getting ready for our 46th General Membership Meeting with figuring and re-figuring cost estimates, drafting the finance and budget reports, and preparing to file our taxes.
Although numbers are rising, I think you’ll agree as you’ve read past newsletters and now this one, one of our main con-cerns as an organization is dwindling membership. One surpris-ing question that has come up in my own Region is whether or not we, as an Association are even relevant anymore. This is a thought provoking question as well as a challenge. Truthfully, as one who has instructed and facilitated ALS and NCOA for many years and poured my life into our Airmen and NCOs, I was shocked at that question. As I ponder it, however, I see the correlation between membership and relevancy. Do you? If the Associa-tion has lost its relevancy, why would fellow graduates want to be members? Therefore, I put the challenge to you all to consider anew our Mission and Vision Statement. I challenge you to continue with the work of cultivating and maintain-ing our Association by communicating with leadership in your Chapters as well as taking advantage of every avenue available to you to communicate with your en-listed members.
A clear illustration of the question of relevancy is tied to the deactivation pro-cess implemented last year. Taking the difficult steps to deactivate was the chal-lenge we as an Association met and dealt with. One primary example of meeting that challenge is the 173rd Fighter Wing, Region 1, Klamath Falls. They are ac-tively seeking reactivation – do you understand why??? They are aggressively conducting Satellite PME classes and clearly see their connection to and their relevancy along with the NCO Academy Graduate Association in perpetuating Professional Military Education! In so doing we are preparing our future leaders! This is how we are relevant! Active Chapters equal active members – active members equal life to our Association and the upholding of our Mission and Vi-sion.
Terri Lever, SMSgt (Ret)
The 155th ARW will again be hosting a Satellite Airman Leadership Course. This time, only one class of 14 members. They will start on 26 April and conclude the satellite portion on 1 June 2014. They will start their in-residence portion on 9 June and graduate on 25 June. They are a great looking class and I expect great things from them. Let me know if you would like any more info. Nancy J. Vondrasek, CMSgt 155 ARW Wing Command Chief
Region 3, Chapter 76
Greetings from Nebraska fellow Graduates. I guess the groundhog was correct again. 6 more weeks of winter on top of an already long, cold and very snowy winter. I just hope it ends soon. I am ready to get back outside and start working on cleaning up the branches and broken trees.
The chapters in Region 3 have remained busy and active despite the cold winter weather. The activities that the Chapters have supported in the past continue to be supported by our members; Salvation Army bell ringing, picking up toys for needy children, flag ceremonies, speaking engage-ments and so on. Our members continue to be engaged in their communities and within their units. I have also been informed that at least one chapter has stepped up to support an ALS distant learn-ing class this coming year. In speaking with my friends who have close ties to the TEC, the word from the field is we need more ALS distant learning classes. The command chiefs are encouraging the TEC to downsize the NCOA and upsize the ALS instruction capability. So we will have to wait to hear from our leaders in Knoxville whether they can do that and when.
So what can we as NCO Graduates do to help out with this endeavor? First of all, we can con-tinue to encourage our unit members to attend in-residence PME. And we can evaluate our sched-ules to see if we can be of assistance to host a satellite class. It takes many people cooperating to make a satellite site a success. You need leadership willing to dedicate a classroom for the set up of the interactive classroom technology. You need assistance from the Comm Squadron to set up the technology and ensure that it works well. You also need the instructor core to facilitate the class of students and keep them on track. And lastly, you need a site leader to ensure that everything is all pulled together. So look at your schedule and see where you can help. Your lead-ership training will help you in this area.
Lastly, I want to encourage our members to consider attending the General Membership meet-ing that is being planned at Charlotte, North Carolina in July. We will have PME instruction provided by the TEC during the meeting and this can be helpful for you to get unit support. We also would like to have your input in our committee meetings and also in the leadership of our association.
Take care of one another and see you all in Charlotte
Doug Schulz, CMSgt (Ret)
Region 3 Director
Great day in the NCOAGA!
It has been a busy few months, and since I wasn’t published in the last issue, I’ll take this time to catch you up on several pieces of news. First, Remember the Challenge! I issued a challenge to all chapters at the last meeting- 1 new Member, Per Chapter, Per Month! Not from each of your members (which would be nice)- BUT ONE-PER CHAPTER- PER MONTH! This will bring us back to where we all know we should be with member-ship! So far- 2 chapters are keeping up on the challenge. (7 and 89.) It’s NOT TOO LATE. It’s hard to play catch up, but 2 members per chapter for the next few months will get you in the running!
Also remember that chapters renewing or signing new members are eligible for a $5 rebate per member, providing their quarterly report to the Region Director is turned in. TURN YOUR REPORTS IN, and let the Re-gion Directors know what you’re doing. IT CAN PAY OFF!
Please snail mail or email me with any updated addresses and email addresses! Keeping your information up to date ensures that can notify you when it comes time to attend General Membership Meetings, and mem-bership renewal if you are not a life member. If your chapter hasn’t been receiving a quarterly roster, please ensure that you contact your Region Director.
I have discovered a small glitch in our membership system that, when a person converted from annual to life membership, was maintaining them as a life member, however placing them in a status that indicated they were ‘paid’. It had a few trickle down issues and I only just now realized the issue.
Please use the membership form located in this “GRADUATE” issue on page 14. For some reason, people are still sending forms to the previous DAL. While she is kindly forwarding them to me, I am sure that she doesn’t need the additional mail, and the additional delay in the mail makes it hard to process items on time.
One last thing- Membership questions seem to be going everywhere but to me. If you have a question on the status of your membership, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I will get your answer to you normally that day. If I am on the road, I’ll let you know when I will answer you.
See you at the General Membership Meeting!
Anthony Vining, MSgt
DAL Membership
Hello Fellow Members,
I have some positive things to highlight for you all from the past year. First and foremost is Satellite PME. At Seminar 43 in Fort Wayne, IN Chief Carl Collins representing the Barnes Center spoke of the need for our help in growing the Satellite program. Early last year I was trained to be a Satellite PME facilitator. The class was full of facilitators who were standing up new Satellite locations. This spring we had the Satellite ALS class filled, nation-wide, in thirteen minutes. We are answering our Commandant’s and Barnes Center’s call.
The second piece of news is Region 6. We have three Chapters actively reporting (I know there are more out there but not reporting. I’d love to hear from you). The Satellite PME sites in Indiana and Illinois are thriving. Chap-ter 89 in Fort Wayne has been conducting NCOA for three years now and is about to facilitate its inaugural ALS class. They’ve also been heavily involved in creating the Baer Field Heritage Air Park; this park is now a hot spot for those visiting the Fort Wayne area. Chapter 75 in Springfield is actively supporting their base mission by serv-ing base wide lunches and boosting morale with a chili cook-off. Chapter 106 at Volk Field, WI has donated more than 39 pints of blood and 240 lbs of food to their community.
The third item is our website. The website is in a constant state of evolution. As we become more aware of the possibilities of our website we will attempt to maintain its status on the cutting edge. We encourage any recom-mendations from the field. The website, in conjunction with our Facebook page, the Graduate and Presidential newsletter, is our conduit to communicating with you, our membership, as things develop.
See you in North Carolina!
Alec P. Cawlfield, MSgt
Region 6 Director
Chapter 89 President
NCOAGA—The Graduate
Region 4 is composed of 17 Chapters from the United States and territories. Of the 17 Chapters, very few chapters are actively engaged and I want to see that change. I feel as though we may be in a bit of a rut and I want to do my part to ensure that our organization still functions as originally intended.
Take a look at our History:
The Air National Guard Noncommissioned Officer Academy Graduate Association was organized in 1968 by a group of graduates from earlier Air National Guard Noncommissioned Officer Academy classes. The objective of this Association is to support commanders through the leadership, knowledge, and experience of its members as follows, but not limited to:
a. Promote enlisted professional military education with an in-residence emphasis.
b. Prepare enlisted members for enlisted professional military education with an in-residence emphasis.
c. Support enlisted professional military education with an in-residence emphasis.
d. Providing scholarship opportunities to help further the educational desires of our members and their families.
e. Instill pride and esprit de corps through
The Air Force core values.
Military customs and traditions.
Patriotism and community involvement.
Our Vision and Mission:
Mission Statement
Promote, support, and prepare enlisted members for professional military education, with an in-residence emphasis; to develop professionalism, promote readiness, instill pride and esprit de corps among citizen Airmen.
Vision Statement
An association of highly motivated and professionally educated enlisted members dedicated to the mission of the Air National Guard while inspiring an enthusiastic spirit of patriotism and devotion to God and country.
So what has changed? Why do we have struggling chapters? Why is our meeting attendance so low? Why do we have low seminar attendance? Why do we have so few Chapters submitting award packages? Is it because our Operational tempo is extremely high, budgets are so low and our UTA weekends are so action packed, etc, etc, etc?
One thing that has not changed since 1968 is the objectives of the NCOAGA and it is ever so important that we stay fo-cused, strong, united and most importantly figure out how we get out of this rut?
First of all, we must perform at the highest level of leadership in difficult times and continue the coarse objective set back in 1968. Leaders from our past navigated through seemingly impossible times just as we are in today. Our leaders from the yes-teryears held the flashlight at the end of the tunnel even when the tunnel was too dark to see. Legendary leaders such as Abra-ham Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony and Franklin Delano Roosevelt come to mind as well as many others. These historical figures were faced with incredibly complex or catastrophic situations. Instead of cowering in indecision, they reacted boldly and aggres-sively and that is what we must do to keep our Association strong and get our Chapters active and thriving again.
Secondly, we have to tell our story about what our Association does and what value each chapter can bring to a Wing. The question should not be “What can the Wing do for our Chapter” but more so “What can our Chapter do for the Wing”. We have the best and brightest Airman in the world that make up our NCOAGA and it is time that we capitalize on their talents and abilities and let them push our Organization forward. We are American Airman and we are a part of the total force and the NCOAGA provides a vehicle to show forth what we do. (Promoting PME, Scholarships, Community Involvement, etc). The NCOAGA used to be a powerful force and was acknowledged at all levels of leadership. If our objectives haven’t changed and we have a good mission and vision, then let’s go tell our story! The NCOAGA has a lot to offer at the National level as well as the Wing level. Let’s do this!
Lastly, if we are going to get out of a rut, we have to change the mindset and focus on positive energy and positive change. When speaking about the NCOAGA and its mission or trying to tell our story, our followers need to hear and feel our positive energy about this great Organization. They need to hear about our deep roots and our history and about our accomplishments and what value we bring to our Airman and our Wings. Positive people with positive energy will drive our NCOAGA forward for a successful future. Let us not continue in the rut, but let’s get out of the rut and make our Air National Guard and our NCO-AGA a better organization.
Below are all Chapters that make up Region 4. I have reached out to every Chapter by contacting the Wing/State CCM trying to determine the state of each Chapter. Unfortunately, I have had no response; therefore, if you are a member of any of the Chapters below, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let me know the status of your chapter. Thank you for all you do!
Region 4 is composed of the following chapters:
CHAPTER 2 "The Puerto Rico Chapter"
CHAPTER 4 "The Florida Chapter"
CHAPTER 7 "State of North Carolina Chapter"
CHAPTER 19 "The McEntire Chapter"
CHAPTER 21 "The Montgomery Chapter"
CHAPTER 22 "The Fort Nashboro Chapter"
CHAPTER 24 "The Magnolia Chapter"
CHAPTER 25 "The Volunteer Chapter"
CHAPTER 29 "The Old Dominion Chapter"
CHAPTER 59 "The Savannah Chapter"
CHAPTER 68 "The Birmingham Chapter"
CHAPTER 77 "The Liberty Chapter"
CHAPTER 84 "The Rebel Chapter"
CHAPTER 91 "The Georgia Crackers Chapter"
CHAPTER 100 "The Century Chapter"
CHAPTER 103 "The Gulf Coast Chapter"
CHAPTER 104 "The Emerald Coast Chapter"
Christopher Amburn, SMSgt
Region 4 Director
Chapter Deactivation
A look inside the NCOAGA
What happened to everyone? This was a question fielded at the Reno/Sparks 2009 Seminar during the general membership meeting. The next question was: are there enough Delegates left in attendance for a vote of needed? This question was posed by one of senior leaders and lead to a roll call of delegates and challenge of our quorum. Our Bylaws (Article VI, Section 4) state twenty (20) percent of active Chapters recognized by the corporation are required.
As of 20 May 2013 AGH APPENDIX 7-7, we had 106 Chapters with only Chapter 49 Deactivated (1 Sep 94). Still having 105 on our books requiring a 20% of active chapters to satisfy our quorum requirements, resulting in 21 Delegates to open busi-ness. Any one attending the last several years or serving on any committee can confirm this has not been the case..... The 5 plus year initiative conducting the roll call of Chapters was to provide a snapshot of the active chapters in contact with their Region Di-rector. Each director updated the board at each meeting and updated the roll call on the web. Each director provided recommen-dations for deactivation IAW Association Guidance Handbook, Section 5-5, item 2 and 3c.
Active Chapters in Region 1 = 1
Active Chapters in Region 2 = 2
Active Chapters in Region 3 = 3
Active Chapters in Region 4 = 11
Active Chapters in Region 5 = 10
Active Chapters in Region 6 = 6
Total Active Chapters = 33
Unaccounted for chapters in Region 4 but not deactivated = 5
Total Chapters for Quorum Purposes: 38
Total Deactivated Chapters = 67
Total Chapters = 105, plus Chapter 1 = 106
20 February 2013, As the NCOAGA President, and as required by the AGH Section 5-5, 4b, I began to notify each chapter. Those Chapter's on the Deactivation list were compiled as a result of the Roll Call of Chapters, and the Region Director's communi-cation requirement as outlined in our AGH Section 2-13, 3a. When the deactivation process started it was and needs to continue to be the opportunity for the dormant Chapter's, (most having only life members), (some no contact for many years) their leader-ship, (command support) to reconnect with the NCOAGA BOD through their Region Directors.
Region One – 16 Chapters
Deactivated (15) Chapter's 9,10, 17,18,38,40,43,46,65,78,85,93,97,101 and 102
Region Two – 15 Chapters
Deactivated (13) Chapter's 3,8,12,14,20,30,35,48,55,61,63,69 and 72
Region Three – 10 Chapters
Deactivated (7) Chapter's 6,11,16,27,47,56 and 57
Region Four – 19 Chapters
Deactivated (3) Chapter's 29,77and 84
Unaccounted for (No RD contact 3yr+) (5) Chapter's 52,67,91,100 and103
Region Five – 26 Chapters
Deactivated (16) Chapter's 28,31,33,34,44,49,64,73,79,81,82,87,92,94,95 and 96
Region Six – 19 Chapters
Deactivated (13) Chapter's 5,15,23,26,32,36,37,45,58,60,66,80 and 86
Without an Approved Quorum during the General Business Meeting, the inability to convene would result in not having the abil-ity to even award a single scholarship….. Since our Incorporation as a 501(C)3 Charitable Organization for Advancement of Educa-tion 24 Jul 2009, the requirements IAW IRS Publication 557 Chapter 3, Scholarships, direct the requirements to award them. With-out the ability to award these Scholarships as stated as our purpose (Articles of Inc.) our Tax exempt status could be revoked.
20 May 2013, the Chapter Deactivation memorandum to the Commandant, Paul H. Lankford EPME Center was finalized, for-warded and approved. Each Region Director received a copy of the deactivated chapter's and a contact binder including the TAG, Wing Commander, and both the State and Wing CCM's response's during the deactivation process of their Chapters.
If your chapter has been deactivated, and you want to be actively involved in the Association, please contact DAL-Membership. You have the option to remain as a member of the deactivated chapter, or be placed into the chapter of our choice.
Our heritage is in our retirees and our future is in our younger NCO’s. My question to you and future challenge: How many of you have encouraged our members and offered to be involved at the chapter level in the last several years. Our organization should not be defined by our attendance at a meeting a couple of days each year. It should be however, defined by what we are doing with the other 363 days and the Airman we have encouraged, trained, mentored, and followed.
We can stand by and watch our organization become less and less relevant or get engaged and help forge our legacy into the future. Now that we have a very clear footprint of who and where we are “It’s Time to Thrive and Grow”.
Kenneth E. Montgomery, SMSgt (Ret)
President Ex-Officio
“On behalf of Chapter 93, I am pleased, actually excited, to present to you their formal request to reactive Chapter 93, The Eastern Cascade Chapter!”
What better way to begin an article designed to explain why a few years back, your NCOAGA Board of Directors, with a unified determination and vision to reach out to our dormant chapters and membership, began to take the appropriate measures to bring them “back into the fold.”
Beginning in early 2013, with life membership numbers at 1,491 and active membership numbers at approximately 460. Our awards clearly indicated a lack of activity as they were being given to the same chapters in the same regions over and over and over again, largely in part because they were left as the few “active” chapters.
The BOD clearly presented to membership an option that would keep the integrity of our Association in tact by providing a clear footprint of who the NCOAGA of today was, as well as mandate a method of reaching out to those neglected dormant chapters, and their members …. something that had never been done… with an all out effort to bring them back into good standing in our Association.
In March of 2013 the official letters of deactivation went out to the chapters that did not respond. Chapters were given until 20 May 2013 to elect to rejoin with our Association or be deactivated. On 20 May 2013 sixty-six (66) chapters were deactivat-ed. They can at any time “reactivate” by simply following the guidance in the AGH as follows: 1) provide their Constitution/Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws, submitted and approved by their Base Commander and TAG; 2) provide the name and ad-dress/contact information of their elected officers; and 3) provide the number of their chapter members.
Note: An active chapter is one having a minimum of five members in good standing. Once the chapter has been estab-lished, the following standards determine if a chapter is an active/functioning chapter: they are meeting regularly, they hold regular elections as written in their constitution, they communicate regularly with their regional director at least quarterly, and they are attempting to meet the purpose and objectives of the Association as defined in AGH Section 5-1.
As a result, our first “reactivation” success story! Chapter 93 was originally chartered on 20 May 1985. Following their official deactivation, the leadership of the 173rd Fighter Wing saw the need for an active NCOAGA chapter at their wing. On 23 October 2013, MSgt Matthew Marshall, was selected as the new Chapter President. At that time he began the formal restructuring process: gathering the required command support from their Wing and State leadership, The Office of The Adju-tant General, updating and reaffirming their commitment to their Constitution and Bylaws and finally, presenting their formal request to reactive. Chapter 93 has met every requirement IAW AGH Section 5-5, "Reactivation of a Chapter," Paragraph 4e. Chapter 93 has twenty (20) active/life members.
We wholeheartedly welcome Chapter 93 back into the fold of the NCOAGA as a chapter in good standing. We also thank the leadership of the 173rd Fighter Wing, Colonel Jeremy O. Baenen, Commander, and their Command Chief, CMSgt Ross for their support of MSgt Matthew Marshall, Chapter 93 President.
Congrats to the 173FW and Chapter 93 with the completion of their first NCOA Satellite Class and their effort to reiterated to the graduates the importance of returning to their bases and being active in the efforts to perpetuate enlisted education.
Linda J. Dahl, MSgt (Ret)
Well, the Polar Express has reminded me of my Nebraska roots...way too cold. CMSgt Stoudt will tell you about the classes. I just wanted to relay to you that I will be bringing a small assortment of Gift Shop items to Char-lotte in July. On another note, the Heritage Committee at the TEC, made up of past Commanders, Commandants and oth-ers who served at the TEC, have been involved in the process of memorializing two buildings on campus. While no decision has been made, I can tell you one package has been forwarded to NGB and AFCS for review and hopefully concurrence with the nomination. The other package is soon to be selected. The criteria and processes have been forwarded to all ANG units and is open to any ANG member who fits the criteria. Criteria is listed in TEC OI's and as I indicated, all units received the announcements and could have submitted a name. While this is not a NCOAGA item I felt it apropos to afford our NCO Corps with this information. See you in Charlotte! Bruce Damrow, CMSgt (Ret) DAL-TEC (334) 467-3129
By CMSgt (Ret) George A. Vitzthum
I don’t know how many of the graduates have seen the article that I had placed in the “Graduate” in 1988 when I was the Di-rector at Large for the PMEC Center and on the ANG NCOAGA Board of Directors at the time. Maybe the Graduate will reprint the Article in the Graduate (reprint on page 9). I had written a fairly complete article on the Betty Fearn quilt from 1983 to 1998.
The ANG NCOAGA Association will forever be indebted to our good friend, Betty Fearn, for all the wonderful and beautiful quilts she has personally quilted and donated to our Association to be raffled off at our Annual Seminars each year from 1983 to 2012 (34 years). Betty did this out of the graciousness of herself and she would not take “ONE CENT” for her supplies or labor. I don’t believe anyone knows (Maybe it could be looked up in our financial statements) just how much income the Association de-rived from all of Betty’s quilts, but it was in the thousands of dollars each year over the 34 years.
Betty started working on a quilt design shortly after each Seminar for the next Annual Seminar. She would even take her port-able sewing machine with her and Dick when they went to Florida for the winter months and work on the quilt there. Betty always came up with an appropriate quilt design for each upcoming Seminar and where it was going to be held. For example, the “Lobster & Star Design” quilt was made for Annual Seminar 22 at Cape Cod, Massachusetts in 1990.
If any NCOAGA member has additional information on any of the quilt designs or who might have won a quilt that I don’t have, please email me. I would like to have a complete record of this project. My E-Mail is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
I would like to personally thank Betty Fearn for all the information that she help me recover. Below is a list of the Seminars, quilts donated, who won the quilt and where they were from. I know the list is not complete.
1/(15) “Large Star” 26 Aug 1983 Peggy Marshall [Houston, TX]
2/(16) “ NCOAGA Emblem” 2 Sep 1984 [Jacksonville, FL]
3/(17) “Carousel” 19 Jul 1985 Mrs. Roger Benson [Lincoln, NE]
4/(18) “Kentucky Crossroads” 25 Jul 1986 Larry Martin [Louisville, KY]
5/(19) 25 Jul 1987 Gene & Elaine Guillen [Charleston, SC]
6/(20) “Sail Boat” 23 Jul 1988 Ramona Rupp [Portland, OR]
7/(21) “Rose” 20 Jul 198 9 Bill Quinn (Oregon) [Denver, CO]
8/(22) “Lobster & Star” 4 Jul 1990 Col. Mike Kelly [Cape Cod, MA]
9/(23) 14 Aug 1991 Rosemary Atkins [Des Moines, IA]
10/(24) “NCOAGA Emblem” 22 Jul 1992 Kathy Blinn [Springfield, IL]
11/(25) “25th Anniversary” 23 Jul 1993 Dennis Ruffell (Utah) [Knoxville, TN]
16/(26) “A Holstein Dairy Cow” 20 Jul 1994 [Madison, WI]
17/(27) 20 Jul 1995 Judith Lane [Great Falls, MT]
18/(28) “Attic Window” 31 Jul 1996 Clyde L. Moor [Salt Lake City, UT]
19/(29) 23 Jul 1997 John Calfa [Tulsa, OK]
20/(30) 23 Jul 1998 Jean Bennett [Syracuse, NY]
21/(31) “Angel” 25 Jul 1999 CMSgt(Ret) Freddie [Knoxville, TN]
22/(32) “Pineapple” 6 Jul 2000 [Honolulu, HI)
23/ (33) “Bucking Bull” 27 Jul 2001 SMSgt Paul Larson [Reno, NV]
24/ (34) “Nebraska/ Cornstalk” 29 Jul 2002 MSgt Elizabeth Carr [Omaha, NE]
25 /(35) “Stained Glass 24 Jul 2003 Maphiese [Little Rock, AR]
26/(36) “NASCar Racing” 30 Jul 2004 Lang Anderson [Charlotte, NC]
27/(37) “ A Rising Sun”” 25 Jul 2005 Les Robertson [San Juan, PR]
28/(38) “I Love New York” 30 Jul 2006 Linda & Larry Miller [Hauppauge, NY]
29/(39) 15 Jul 2007 Ken Montgomery [Springfield, IL]
30/(40) “All States By Region” 2 Aug 2008 Phil Burgress [Knoxville, TN]
31/(41) “Rose Embroidered” 13 Jul 2009 Jamey Edwards [Reno, NV]
32/(42) 22 Jul 2010 [Sioux Falls, SD]
33/(43) 21 Jul 2011 [Ft. Wayne, IN]
34/(44) (SEMINAR CANCELLED) (No quilt) 20 Jul 2012 [La Crosse, WI]
35/(45) “All Hand Stitched” 18 Aug 2013 Linda Dahl (Arkansas) [Knoxville, TN]
Quilt Number(Seminar)
Quilt Design
Person Who Won and Seminar Location
(reprint from 1988)
For all the delegates and attendees who have attended the ANG NCOAGA National Seminar for the last dozen or so years, there have been very few surprises. You pretty well know who is going to be next President, our next Vice-Presidents, that Iowa will have corn-on-the cob and pork chops at the State’s Night Affair. Puerto Rico will have their “Pina Coladas” and South Carolina their “Peach Daiquiri’s”. And let’s not forget that Milt Crassweller will have a “NEW” Knock-Knock Joke or some other crazy joke – we can count on that!! But, one ”Big” surprise for all the attendees to ponder is “What design of quilt will our good friend, Betty Fearn, have for this Seminar or the next Seminar?” We have all seen Dick and Betty Fearn’s pleasant personalities at our Semi-nars over the past 24 years. Betty is a quiet person and doesn’t say much except if you happen to strike up a conversation with her. She has been very faithful and generous for the ANG NCOAGA in that she has designed and made a quilt at each of our Na-tional Seminars since 1983; the Seminar was held at Houston, Texas that year. She has made 14 different designs of quilts in the last 14 years that followed, plus a number of “afghans”. She has not accepted a “Penny” for all her time and material that she put into making her quilts and afghans and the NCOAGA Graduate Association has profited by thousands of dollars over the last 15 years.
Betty’s first quilt was a “Large Star” design, representing the Lone Star State of Texas and was won at a drawing at the Houston Seminar in 1983 by Peggy Marshall. Betty and her Mother-in-Law knitted an American Flag that was supposed to have been dis-played at the PMEC Center at McGhee Tyson Air Base, but no one knows where it is today. At the Seminar in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1985, Betty’s quilt was won by Mrs. Roger Benson. Col. Larry Martin won the quilt in 1986 at the Seminar in Louisville, Kentucky. It was called the “Kentucky Crossroad.” Gene and Elaine Guillen won the quilt in 1987 at the Seminar in Charleston, South Carolina. The “Sail Boat” quilt design at the 1988 Seminar at Portland, Oregon was won by Ramona Rupp. Bill Quinn, a former NCOAGA National President, won the quilt in 1989 and Jim Prokopp won the “Afghan” at the Seminar in Denver, Colorado on 1989. The “Lobster & Star” design quilt at the 1990 Seminar held at Cape Cod, Massachusetts was won by Col Mike Kelly. Kathy Blinn from California won the quilt with the design of the NCOAGA Emblem on it at the 1992 Seminar held in Springfield, Illinois. The “25th Anniversary” quilt was made from “Squares” provided by individual chapters and states. Dennis Ruffell was the lucky winner of this quilt at the 1993 Seminar in Knoxville, Tennessee. In 1994 at the Seminar in Madison, Wisconsin the quilt design was the “Black & White Cow.” Judith Lane won the quilt at 1995 Seminar in Great Falls, Montana. Clyde L. Moore from Utah won “Attic Window” design quilt at the 1996 Seminar held in Salt Lake City, Utah. Last year’s winner was John Calfa from Long Island, New York at the 1997 Seminar in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Dick, Betty’s Husband, was the one who suggested that Betty start the Quilt making project for the ANG NCOAGA Seminars as a purchased quilt was raffled off at one of the early Seminars. Betty took up the challenge and started the project in 1983. In 1995 when Betty and Dick went to Florida for a winter vacation, Betty told Dick she had to take her sewing machine along. Dick had this “Funny” look on his face. He did not realize that Betty could take her sewing machine from her floor mounted cabinet and carry it with them on their vacation.
It takes Betty 3 or 4 months to complete a Seminar quilt. Since Dick retired in 1994, Betty takes her material and sewing ma-chine to Florida on their winter vacation and works on the quilts. She generally starts working on her quilts in October of each year, so she will have it finished by the time the ANG NCOAGA Seminar is scheduled.
Dick spent some time in the United States Air Force and then joined the Massachusetts Air Guard. Dick and Betty were married in 1958. They have a daughter and son who came to our Seminars for years, but now are grown. Dick graduated from the ANG NCO Academy on June 18, 1971 in Class 71-B. The first Seminar that Betty and Dick attended was in Dayton, Ohio in 1974 where Betty’s parents lived. Their daughter, Diane, is a National Roller Skating Champion and their son, Tom, is a Champion Auto Racer at two local speedways on Massachusetts.
In her “Spare Time,” Betty works part time as a Medical Secretary, maintains their home, cooks and bakes lots of cookies for Friday and Saturday night racing. Dick stays very busy building racing transmissions for about 35 competitors. Betty and Dick also attend church, provide and supervise craft projects for children in Grades 1 through 6. They also have two prayer groups that meet in their home each week. Betty enjoys knitting and working on many different types of craft projects as well as supplying items for their “Racing Pit Parties.”
Besides spending their winters in Florida and going to the Annual ANG NCOAGA Seminars, they try to extend their travels to spend some time with their relatives. Dick and Betty would like to spend a vacation in Hawaii and Australia someday. Their daugh-ter-in Law has dubbed their home “THE FEARN’S MOTEL” as they have quite a few guests visiting their home throughout the year. Dick and Betty have truly been blessed over the years with a wonderful family, lots of friends and are “TRUE FRIENDS” to the ANG NCOAGA. What Betty has done with her “Quilt Projects” has really helped the Association!!
I would like to dedicate this article to Larry Lane, our former ANG NCOAGA President, and the Board of Directors of our organi-zation. I would also like to personally thank Betty Fearn for her input and time for this article.
George A. Vitzthum, CMSgt (Ret)
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Memorial Obelisk and Memorial Stones
Chapter 25, The Volunteer Chapter, at McGhee-Tyson ANGB, TN, has adopted the update of the Memorial Obelisk & Stones Web Page.
Deceased Air National Guard Noncommissioned Officer Academy Graduate Asso-ciation members are engraved on the Noncommissioned Officer Academy Gradu-ate Association memorial obelisk and memorial stones located north of Lankford Hall at the I.G. Brown ANG Training and Education Center, McGhee Tyson Air National Guard Base, Knoxville, Tennessee. At the top of the obelisk are en-graved the words "IN MEMORIAM". At the bottom of the obelisk are engraved the words "NCO ACADEMY GRADUATE ASSOCIATION".
In Memorium 2011, 2012, and 2013:
MSgt Vernon N Davis Region 1 Chapter 38 Charter Member CMSgt Ralph K. Squire Region 1 Chapter 78 Charter Member SMSgt Evaristo Rios-Sanchez Region 4, Chapter 2 MSgt George C Schollenberger, Region 6, Chapter 42 CMSgt Edward J. Otten, Region 6, Chapter 42 Charter Member SMSgt Jamie T. Edwards, Region 4, Chapter 19 SMSgt Worth S. Russell, Region 4, Chapter 7 MSgt Kenneth Funderburk, Region 4, Chapter 7 LTC James Robinson, Region 4, Chapter 7 Charter Member MSgt Dozier Murray, Region 4, Chapter 7 CMSgt Richard C. Merritt, Region 3, Chapter 70 MSgt Donald E. Howard, Region 3, Chapter 47 SMSgt James Littlefield, Region 3, Chapter 41 CMSgt Michael J. Menting, Region 5, Chapter 88 MSgt Richard G.Merrill, Sr. Region 5 Chapter 73 MSgt James H. Miller, Region 2, Chapter 54 MSgt Dennis A. Ruffell, Region 1, Chapter 9 SMSgt John A. Sutliff, Region 3, Chapter 6 MSgt Dewayne Vosicka, Region 3, Chapter 76
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If you are aware of any deaths of Members please submit on Form 6-3 (attached on page 12).
Outstanding Graduate of the Year 2014 Region 4, Chapter 7 SMSgt Deborah Dunlap Major General I.G.Brown Command Excellence Award(s): Region 3 Col Schell Region 4 Col Clarence Ervin Region 6: LTC – Shawn Green
Association Guidance Handbook January 2014 Form 6-5
Date: __________________
MEMORANDUM FOR Credentials Committee, Chapter One
FROM: NCOAGA Chapter Number ______
SUBJECT: Letter of Authority
This letter authorizes the below named member as the Official Seminar voting delegate for
NCOAGA Chapter ______ .
Delegate Name: __________________________________________________________________________
(Please Print)
Dues Status: ___________________
(Expiration Date)
(Name, Rank)
President, Chapter __________
NOTE: This letter of authority must be submitted to the applicable Regional Director two weeks prior to the opening date of the National Annual Seminar
NOTE: Delegates must be a member in good standing with Chapter One (dues paid.)
OPR: Director at Large - Membership
Association Guidance Handbook 1 January 2014 Form 6-3
The following form will be used by all chapters to notify the national Board of Directors of the death of a member.
DAL, MEMBERSHIP (Initials _____ )
DAL, TEC LIAISON (Initials _____ )
DAL, WAYS & MEANS (Initials _____ )
FROM: ______________________________________________________________________
SUBJECT: Death of a Member
Name & Rank of Deceased Member: _______________________________________________
Date of Death: _________________________________________________________________
Next of Kin (Primary)
Name: _______________________________________________________________________
Relationship: __________________________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip Code: ____________________________________________________________
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Relationship: __________________________________________________________________
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Local Chapter Contact
Chapter Number/Region: ________________________________________________________
Name of Submitter: ____________________________________________________________
Chapter Title: _________________________________________________________________
Chapter Address: ______________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip Code: ___________________________________________________________
DSN/Commercial Telephone: ____________________________________________________
Association Guidance Handbook 1 January 2014 Form 6-3, continued
Local Unit's Public Affairs Office
Unit: _______________________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip Code: __________________________________________________________
DSN/Commercial Telephone: ___________________________________________________
OPR: 2nd Vice President
Association Guidance Handbook 1 January 2014 Form 6-13
In accordance with Article III, Officers, ANG NCOAGA By-Laws, as amended, the election of officers and directors will be con-ducted at the Annual Seminar. Nominations should be sent NLT 30 days prior to the Seminar, to the President Ex-Officio using the attached nomination form. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor immediately prior to voting. Form should be completed using the following guidelines:
NOTE 1: Please type requested information.
NOTE 2: Retirees are not required to submit letters of command support.
NOTE 3: Individuals who already hold an office at the national level are not exempt from including any of the information re-quested. This should include current endorsements of command/supervisory support.
Nominee's Name: ______________________________________________________________
Unit and State: ________________________ Region: ___________ Chapter: ______________
Office to Which Nominated: _____________________________________________________
NCOAGA participation at the Chapter, Region, and/or National level:
Length of time for any offices held:
Any significant NCOAGA accomplishments:
Enlisted PME History (Specify by In-Residence and Correspondence Course):
List community activities to include offices held in any organization:
Any personal goals that might be association related:
Any special awards received, e.g., NCO of the Qtr/Yr, Outstanding Graduate of the Year, etc.:
Availability for Board of Directors meetings:
Command support (Will include letters of recommendation from commander/supervisor):
OPR: President Ex-Officio
Submitted By:
Endorsed By:

General Membership Meeting 46
145th Airlift Wing Charlotte, NC
Hosted by Chapter 7
Chapter 7 in Charlotte, NC is preparing to host General Membership Meeting 46. We are looking forward to hav-ing you join us in the queen city. The city has many interesting grabbing venues, the NASCAR Hall of Fame, the National Whitewater Center, Carowinds, Discovery Place, the Epicenter, numerous nightlife attractions (if that's your scene), Knights Baseball, and a light rail system to take you to most locations, not far from the hotel.
The Hyatt Place Hotel will host the hospitality room, you will be impressed by the rooms, awesome breakfast, and pool for an evening cool down as Charlotte can heat up in July! The North Carolina Air National Guard base is pleased to host this event, in addition to the awards luncheon and banquet dinner which will be held in the Carolini-an, our dining facility. I hope you will come and be part of the business to be conducted, learning opportunities with PME instructors on hand, business meetings, committee breakouts, elections, scholarships, luncheon and awards banquet. You are important to the future and business of the NCOAGA and we need your input. You are vital to the success and opportunities for moving forward.
When you register please make sure you completely fill out the registration form (attached on page 13)and con-tact our transportation NCO if you are flying with your flight information prior to arrival so we can greet you at the airport (let us know if you plan to rent a car as well). If you have questions please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can call 704-391-4262. Tracie B. Rankin, MSgt W-704-391-4262 DSN-231-4262 C-704-616-2133
Letter from the Commandant
CMSgt T.K. Stoudt
Paul H. Lankford Enlisted PME Center
McGhee Tyson ANGB, TN 37777
CMSgt (Ret) Janice 0 . Richardson
567 Old Fort Road
Fairview, NC 28730
Dear President Richardson,
In response to a request from the Board of Directors, Chapter 1, NCOAGA, the Lankford Center will provide pro-fessional continuing education (PCE) during the 46th General Membership Meeting, 12-13 July 2014, at the 145th Airlift Wing, Charlotte, North Carolina.
Leadership will select a volunteer instructors to prepare and present up to four hours of PCE during the General Membership Meeting. Blocks of PCE may include managerial communications, motivational theory, and/or leader-ship and management. All of our instructors are currently credentialed and certified to teach in these subject areas by the Community College of the Air Force (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools). Selected instructors will be members of the association.
Lankford Center instructors will take attendance and provide certificates to all graduates who attend PCE in-structional blocks. Certificates will reflect the subject matter and number of contact hours each recipient received.
Employers (military and civilian) will be encouraged to evaluate PCE and consider applying their own guidelines to either allow excused absences from duty (permissive travel) or to grant professional/developmental credits if at-tendees require them. Lankford will make no valuations or judgments.
If the board needs further information or detail, please contact my Director of Satellite Education, MSgt Melissa DiQuinzio, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (865) 336-3853.
Best wishes for a successful meeting,