Chapter Activities Awards. Each Chapter is encouraged to submit a monthly activities report (AGH Form 6-4) to their Region Director. The Region Director will award points to each activity based upon the number of chapter members that have participated in the activity. The Chapter Activities committee will review all chapter reports at the General Membership Meeting and determine the highest 3 chapters submitting and award recognition certificates to them at the Awards luncheon. The form has two sections. The First is Operation Patriotism and lists any activities that involved the US Flag such as Honor Guard, Parades carrying the flag in uniform, Color Guards, Flag folding demonstrations, etc. The second section is Civic Actions such as working at a food bank, Adopt a Highway program, Memorial runs, Blood drives, Tours of the base, etc. If a chapter had no activities for the month, they are to submit a negative report indicating why the chapter had no activities such as unit deployments, or major inspections. Operation Patriotism and Civic Actions are two separate awards given to local chapters. So a chapter may win recognition for one or both determined by the number of points they earned. All guidance for the award programs is listed in the AGH section 4-2 and 4-4. All monthly reports are to be submitted electronically.

Pride Thru Recognition Award. The PTR report (AGH 6-6) must be submitted electronically to their region directors by the chapter prior to the first region meeting held at the General membership meeting. To be eligible for the PTR award, the chapter must have participated in at least two of the following- Airman of Year Program at their unit, Outstanding Graduate of the Year nomination, IG Brown Command Excellence Nomination, or Scholarship program submission. This program also considers other activities that chapter members may have participated in such as the ESGR program, Boss to Work or Boss recognition programs, local unit Awards programs or classes, and any other unit recognition program that a chapter member may have participated in or organized.  The PTR committed will evaluate all reports to determine the top 3 winners of the award. This Award Program was created because the association was challenged by the Director of the ANG in 1982 to enhance the recognition the recognition of personnel of the Air National Guard. Direction for this award is in section 4-7 of the AGH

Parade of Chapters Award. This award is the means for recognition of chapter activities accomplished either as a chapter or individual. In addition to using the monthly chapter activities report for the basis, but also considers the PTR report activities, Any Graduate article submissions, and if a Chapter Pride Book was developed and brought to the General Membership Meeting for display.  Certificates are presented to the top 3 chapters with one of them going to a small chapter(from a unit having fewer than 500 members). Direction for this award is in Section 4-6 of the AGH.