The Travel Log was established to assist Association Members while traveling across the United States. There are two types- Provider and Non Provider. The Provider is willing to open their home to other Travel Log members for a night or two while they are traveling somewhere. Additionally the Provider may have the ability to park a Travel trailer or RV at their residence. The Provider sets their own house rules such as length of stay, if pets are allowed, hours of quiet, etc. A Non Provider would not be willing to open their home or have a place to park the RV, but they may have information about accommodations in their area or will provide a list of things to do or places to see in their area.  There is a form 6-17 that must be submitted to the Director At Large Ways and Means and it is located in the Association Guidance Handbook which is located in the About Us tab of this web site. Travel Log members will receive a printed list of all other travel log members annually in October. Membership is 1 year $15; 2 years $25; and 3 years $40. This is a great way to maintain friendships over the years as well as to continue to support this association.

Travel Log Form