As many of you are aware we consolidated regions at last year’s General Membership meeting.  We now have 3 regions East, West and Central.  If you are receiving this you now belong to the central region which includes the sates of AR, IL, IN, KY, LA, MI, MO, MS, OH, TN, WI and WV.  As your Regional Director it is my privilege to represent you but I need your input and assistance.  The Board of Directors is here for each of your chapters but in turn we need your feedback as well as fulfillment of chapter responsibilities.  We need to have our chapter Presidents submitting their monthly reports to keep the chapters active.  I know we are doing great things across America but without these reports it is hard to quantify the impact.  So I am asking that each and every chapter President fill out the Form 6-4 and email it to me.  If you change Presidents please let me know as well so I can keep a list of those elected to serve their chapters current.  If you could please send me a current list of all of your chapter officers so we can keep communication up and the Association moving forward.

With all of the changes to PME in the past 10 years it is more critical than ever that we have a clear mission and vision.

Our Mission Statement

Encourage, assist, and prepare enlisted members for all levels of developmental education, foster professionalism, and instill Esprit de Corps

Our Vision Statement

Mentor airmen with their academic, career, and professional goals; which will provide educated, professional and confident airmen to better serve their commanders, employers, community and military organizations.


                What are you doing in your local chapter to make this happen? Please share via the 6-4 so that we can capture the best practices that your chapter is doing to enhance and support our Airmen.  We have approximately 425 members in our region and I am sure each one of you make a difference every day.

                This year is our 50th Anniversary and we are planning on hosting your General Membership Meeting (formally known as the National Seminar) at the Airport Hilton Hotel in Knoxville Tennessee. Please visit and fill out your registration form today. It also has a link on it for you to make your hotel reservation. I would suggest that you accomplish that now as the hotel has a limited number of rooms available to us. The meeting is going to be held July 19-21. On July 20th the TEC (Training and Education Center) on the base will be having their 50th Anniversary celebration as well. The Director of the ANG General Rice will be there for that event and we hope that he will speak at our banquet as well. Your Board of Directors is busy planning this event and hopes that you will join us for this occasion. The Association in conjunction with the Heritage committee at Knoxville will be selling bricks to be placed around the Minuteman statue at the TEC. We will be having a quilt to raffle off at the General membership meeting. It is about half finished and as soon as possible we will be putting pictures of it on this web site and all of the Board of Directors will have tickets that you can purchase. Don't forget to get your packages submitted for the Outstanding Graduate, Command IG Brown, Minutewoman Award, and the Hall of Fame Award. Usually, the deadline for those is 15 Feb, but because our website was down the last three months, we have extended the deadline to 1 May 2018. All the information on those awards is on the awards tab or in the AGH. Lastly encourage your dependents to submit their scholarship packages to the 1st Vice President by 30 June. We have some very substantial scholarships available. All of the information for the scholarships is located on the Scholarship tab. 


                After a few bumpy months, the website is alive again and will continue to be updated so that you have access to the most current information about your association.

                If you ever need questions answered or concerns addressed please feel free to contact me.



                                                                                                                                Eric D Vickrey, SMSgt, INANG

                                                                                                                                NCOAGA Central Region Director

                                                                                                                                This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.