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Greetings from Nebraska!

With winter in full swing in most parts of the country, we here in Lincoln have been dodging it all winter long. So far we have only received a little over 4 inches of snow since Nov 1st: Not a record but pretty close to it. But it has still been very cold most of the time.

Your Association board of directors has been busy since our national meeting in August. We have continued our monthly teleconferences with the exception of the month of December. In November the board brain stormed about different ways we can try to revitalize our chapters and get the members to communicate with the board of directors.  We have come up with several ideas and are in the process of implementing them.

Major (Ret) Koenig completed publishing the Graduate and it is on our website. That issue was primarily covering what took place at our national meeting. Hopefully many of you have gone to our website and made yourself a copy or, at least, shared it with our members of your unit.

We also participated in the Wreaths across America program in December either by purchasing a wreath to be placed on a veteran’s grave or by assisting the local chapter in placing the wreaths that were donated.

Another thing that is on our website is a fundraiser to help fund our scholarship program. We put together a cookbook from many of our chapter members all over the US and created a 100 page cookbook in a binder. If you are interested in purchasing one all of the information is available on the website.

We have also selected the site for next year’s National meeting: it will be held in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The registration form and hotel information are on our website located under the National Membership Meeting link. Hopefully you will consider spending a few days at the national meeting. The date is 31 July – 2 August: put it on your calendar.

There are several deadlines approaching quickly. The packages for the Outstanding Graduate and the IG Brown Command Excellence Awards are both due to your regional directors before the end of February. Hopefully you have been working on them already. But it isn’t too late. All the required information for the packages can be found on our website under the Awards section.

Also don’t forget about submitting either yourself or your dependents for one of our scholarships. You have a lot of time to get those done, but don’t procrastinate. We have a considerable amount of money available for our scholarship program. All of the information for submitting a package is on the website as well.

I hope everyone has a safe month and I look forward to hearing from you. Please either email me or text me with any questions or concerns that you have about our Association. We need you to be involved in our Association. Thank you for all you do.

Douglas Schulz (ret) CMSgt

NCOAGA President

Cell 402-875-1205


Morissey Hall