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President’s Newsletter

Greetings from Nebraska to the members of our great Association:

Winter is in full swing in many locations of our wonderful country. From record breaking snow storms in the Washington D.C. and New York areas to excessive rain in California it seems like everyone is being effected. Frost warnings in Florida to endless rains in the Pacific Northwest, Mother Nature seems to be flexing her muscles everywhere. We here in the Midwest seem to be getting spared so far. I have only had to use my snow blower three times and the largest snow fall was about six inches. I hope the rest of this winter will pass quickly and we can get back to some calmer weather.

Your Board of Directors have been busy working on numerous projects for the betterment of our Association. We conducted a fund raiser for the Betty Fearn scholarship program which was successful. Thank you to all who participated by purchasing some candles. Your Secretary, Phyllis Oster, has been busy updating the Association Guidance Handbook with the changes that were made at our national meeting last year; she will be done by the end of January. Your new Treasurer, Cheryl Hollar, has developed a new spreadsheet that shows all of the different accounts that we have and what has been taken in or spent from them since our national meeting. The Regional Directors have been working on communication with all of their active chapters to help any of the members with questions they have. Your Membership Director is constantly busy sending out membership renewals and updating our membership listings. The TEC Liaison has just completed the update of the obelisk at the TEC in Knoxville. And your Graduate editor has published the Graduate and is currently working on the next one. Lastly the Presidents have been working to develop a new Vision and Mission Statement that better describes our relationship with the units, since the ANG has changed the training requirements for NCO's which now requires them to apply for a spot in a class just like the SNCOA has been for quite some time. As the ANG changes so must our Association's mission if we want to remain viable. Lastly our Parliamentarian ensures that we are following all our own guidelines set out in the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

Last month I travelled to Knoxville to accomplish several tasks. First I wanted to see if I could find the lost Be Square display board which did not make it our last national meeting or the meeting in Charlotte. I was successful as it was stored in a cardboard box and was under some other things in the gift shop. Next I wanted to start copying the past financial records that were being stored at Knoxville. The financial binders are a huge part of our history and with the possibility of them getting lost, damaged or destroyed we felt we needed to make electronic copies. We purchased a scanner that we could feed sheets through, but the process was very difficult since many of the documents had receipts stapled to them. So what I had hoped to accomplish in a few days is going to take much longer. Chief Richardson has volunteered to help. My wife Carol also was helping but it was going to take much longer than a week to accomplish. So Chief Richardson took the remaining binders and the scanner with her to work on them at her home in her spare time. Thank you very much for all you do Chief Richardson.

Another project that I have been working on is determining the location of our next national meeting. I am pleased to announce that our next national meeting will be held here in Lincoln, Nebraska on August 12th - 14th 2016. The hotel arrangements have not been made but as soon as they are I will get that on our website. I hope to have that done before the end of January. At any rate please put this on your calendar for this year to attend. The more people that attend the better it is for us to accomplish the various tasks we need to do and for you to learn more about what is going on and how you can be a part of that.

Lastly, I want to remind everyone of several of our deadlines. The one that is closest is Feb 15th. That is when you need to have your Chapter's packages for Outstanding Graduate and I.G. Brown Command Excellence Awards completed and sent electronically to your Region Director. It is not impossible to complete one if you have not yet started, but you better hurry. Additionally you or your dependents need to have the scholarship packages to the 1st Vice President CMSgt (Ret) Ray Welton by May 15th. Last year not one current member applied for the Betty Fearn Scholarship. That money could help you with your own continuing education. The dependent scholarship packages saw several people apply, but there could have been many more. Encourage your dependents to write an essay and submit their packages. There is several thousand dollars available to them to help with their college education. All of the scholarship information is right here on our website.

I hope this finds you all well. If any of you have any questions about our Association please don't hesitate to contact me; I don't mind phone calls: I am retired so you would not be bothering me at work. If you're interested in being more involved with our Association we do have a couple of current vacancies on our board of directors. We need a Region 3 Director and just recently our DAL Ways and Means had to resign due to his work schedule. Additionally we will be looking for a 2nd Vice President in August as the rest of us will progress through the Presidential Chairs. So I look forward to personally welcoming you here to Lincoln, Nebraska this August.

Thanks for all your support,

Douglas Schulz (ret) CMSgt

NCOAGA President

Cell 402-875-1205


Morissey Hall