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ANG NCOAGA General Membership Meeting 2016
ANG Training and Education Center / Paul H. Lankford EPME Center

Greetings from Nebraska!

Ladies and Gentlemen we had a great General Membership Meeting 48 here in Lincoln and I wish more of you could have been here. I am sure that you would have had a wonderful time. We had 8 chapters represented and a whole group of retirees.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to the volunteers from Chapter 76 who planned everything and carried it out for me. Especially, our seminar chair, my lovely wife Carol. She did an outstanding job of pulling all the different facets together and having it run smoothly! The hospitality room was hosted by Randy and Kathy Dolezal and the food and drink were both plentiful and tasted outstanding. Our van driver, Stan Krause, ensured that everyone who needed a ride out to the meeting and back was accommodated. He also drove them to Wal-Mart, the quilt museum and the baseball game to name a few places. Speaking of the baseball game thank you to Bill Wiechert for getting the two-for-one tickets for our members to have a relaxing evening on Saturday. Bill also arranged for roasted pork shoulders, which they shredded and served for lunch for Saturday. Sue Turner and Rose Wiechert did a great job on the registration table and with setting up and manning the Silent Auction room.  Sue also made a quilt that was sold during the silent auction to help raise funds for the meeting. Karen Koenig, Lang Andersen and Nancy Vondrasek did all the running around picking up items for the various different facets of the event. On top of that Karen, Sue and Nancy proofed the scripts for me so I sounded very professional. Nancy also did an outstanding job putting together the banquet program for me and also arranged our guest speaker at the banquet - the 6th CMSgt of the Air Force James McCoy. In addition, thank you to Bill Beard for providing security at the JFHQ for us throughout the mornings when we were arriving. Thank you to MSgt Casey Svitak for the emcee duties for the opening ceremony and to TSgt Constance Downs for the emcee duties during the banquet. Lastly, Mary Baker made sure that everything I needed at the JFHQ was provided and accomplished in an outstanding manner. In addition, her husband John, helped set up all the state flags which made the facility look great for the meeting. As you can tell, it takes a big group of volunteers to pull this event off and make me look good! I just wished there were more current members of the ANG helping in addition to all the retirees.

And speaking of retirees, we had six past presidents in attendance at our membership meeting. To say they provided input to our meeting is an understatement! I thank them for taking time to spend the weekend with us and for their very important guidance and encouragement.

So what did we accomplish....a lot! Following are the committees that met and the outcomes.

  • The Membership committee changed the AGH form 6-3 Notification of death of a member, making the DAL Membership the first person to receive the form. That way if the member is not a current member their name cannot be put on the obelisk, and the rest of the steps need not be accomplished.

  • The Awards and Memorials committee provided an update of the engraving of names on the obelisk. There were 77 names engraved in 2016 at a cost of $2000. The funds were taken from the gift shop. The gift shop was officially closed this past year due to lack of sales and all items are currently being liquidated, but most importantly, the room was needed by the TEC. Additionally, an informational stone is being purchased to be placed by the obelisk to inform non NCOAGA members why the names are on engraved on the Obelisk.

  • The Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws committee met and proposed a change to the Association Mission and Vision statements. Both were passed by the membership. Here are the new Mission and Vision Statements:

    • MISSION STATEMENT: Mentor Airmen with their academic, career and personal goals, which will provide educated, professional and confident Airmen to better serve their commanders, employers, community and military organizations.

    • VISION STATEMENT: Encourage, assist and prepare enlisted members for all levels of developmental education, foster professionalism, and instill Esprit de Corps.

    • Additionally, on behalf of Chapter 7 a paragraph was added to page 71 of the AGH which is the Bennie Frick Scholarship guidance stating that all the funds that are in the fund belong to Chapter 7 and have been entrusted to Chapter 1 for the administration of the scholarship. It also passed.

  • The Ways and Means committee met and discussed two proposals. One was to adopt a paver program at the TEC to assist the Heritage Committee. The other was a calendar sales program to help generate funds for the association. The committee is going to look further into both proposals and provide the recommendation to the board in the next few months.

  • The Nominating committee met and reviewed the packages of all the elected positions. A package was received for President from CMSgt (ret) Douglas Schulz, 1st Vice President from CMSgt (ret) Raymond Welton, 2nd Vice President from MSgt Alec Cawlfield, Treasurer from CMSgt (ret) Janice Richardson, Region 4 Director from SMSgt (ret) Melvin Barnes, Region 6 Director from MSgt Eric Vickrey, DAL Membership from MSgt (ret) Belinda Creasser, DAL TEC from CMSgt (ret) Bruce Damrow, and DAL Ways and Means from MSgt (ret) Jerry Hubbard. All packages were proper and those positions were elected by unanimous ballot by the Membership. No package was received for Region 2 or Region 3 Director positions. Those two positions are currently vacant and we are looking in earnest for someone to fill them.

  • The Seminar Committee met and no bids were submitted by any chapters for GMM49, GMM50, or GMM51.

  • The Publicity and Special Projects committee met and made three recommendations; first, the President should send out an email to the members announcing when the Graduate is put on the web site. Second, all committee reports should be sent electronically to the delegates in attendance to save on printing and paper costs. Last, all future committee reports be saved on Google drive so that committee folders can be done away with.

  • The Finance Committee met and proposed the budget for 2017 which was adopted by the membership.  

  • The Retiree committee met and discussed numerous items such as the brick project at TEC, the memorial Mall at TEC, Location for next year’s GMM, and the impact that all the deployments are having on our association members. No recommendations were made.

  • The Scholarship committee met and selected five packages for Scholarships: 

    • Senior Division- Taylor Boswell from Region 4 Chapter 25 in Tennessee was given $1000.

    • Junior Division- Caitlin Dixon from Region 6 Chapter 89 in Indiana was given $500.

    • William Goyer memorial scholarship went to Taylor Boswell from Region 4 Chapter 25 in Tennessee in the amount of $1200.

    • MSgt Bennie S. Frick memorial Scholarship was awarded to Jade Heilman from Region 3 Chapter 70 in South Dakota in the amount of $700.

    • USAA Senior Division scholarship in the amount of $1000 was presented to Kiley Reecy from Region 3 Chapter 70 in South Dakota.

    • There were no scholarship packages submitted by any chapter members for the Betty Fearn Scholarship in 2016.  Please encourage your chapter members that are attending college to submit a package for themselves per the directions in the AGH.

    • The scholarship topics selected for 2017 are:

      • Senior Division “How do you perceive the President’s educational policy impacting your education and career plans.”

      • Junior Division “Who have been leaders in your life and how have they inspired you.”

The Association’s Outstanding Graduate of the Year was MSgt Lisa Eisenhauer from Chapter 70 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She was given her medallion at the opening ceremony and instructed to wear it the entire weekend, which she diligently did. She was formally recognized at the Awards Banquet on Sunday night and presented with her statue. She gave a very heartfelt speech about how the in-residence PME has impacted her career and her life. She continues to strive to keep Chapter 70 moving forward in Sioux Falls as the President.

There weren’t any IG BROWN packages received this year. This program provides chapters the opportunity to recognize a commander from their unit that they feel has been supportive of the association’s goals and the enlisted force in the unit. The importance of having a commander recognized by our association cannot be overstated. Many of our past selectees have gone on to very influential positions at the National Guard Bureau. It is so important for the continued future of this organization that we nominate and recognize a commander each year that is supportive of our association. Please make the effort to nominate your outstanding commander for this year by the cutoff date of 15 February 2017.

In closing, ladies and gentlemen, let’s make this a year of growth for our association. Your Board of Directors has a goal of getting 3 chapters reactivated this year as well as an increase of 3 members in each active chapter. However, the Board of Directors cannot do this on its own. It has to start with you the chapters and the members. But we cannot help you if you don’t tell us what you need help with. We are here to serve and assist you.

I will do my best to lead this board of directors through this next year. So let’s work together.

Thanks for all your support,

Douglas Schulz (ret) CMSgt

NCOAGA President

Cell 402-875-1205


Morissey Hall