Greetings Members and Congratulations. This year is our 50th Anniversary and we are planning to host your General Membership Meeting (formally know as the National Seminar) at the Airport Hilton Hotel in Knoxville Tennessee. The registration form is located right below this message. It also has a link on it for you to make your hotel reservation. I would suggest that you accomplish that now as the hotel has a limited number of rooms available to us. The meeting is going to be held July 19-21. On July 20th the TEC (Training and Education Center) on the base will be having their 50th Anniversary celebration so our meetings will be on the 19th and the 21st. Our Awards banquet will be on the evening of the 19th.  We hope that some officials from the Guard Bureau will be in attendance as well. Your Board of Directors is busy planning this event and hopes that you will join us for this occasion.

See you there

Douglas Schulz

President NCOAGA