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Greetings from the desk of the President:                                                                                      10 June 2019             

As I am finishing up this term of the office of President, I am reflecting on all my years in this association. I attended my first seminar (now called General Membership Meeting) which was hosted by Chapter 27 in Great Falls Montana in 1995. There were several hundred members in attendance and their enthusiam was very contagious. I was immediately hooked. Unfortunately, I have not been able to attend every national meeting since then but my reason has always been work related. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every one of the national meetings that I have attended. Between visiting with old friends and meeting new members from various chapters all over the country, they all have been very motivated and ready to be involved in our meeting. 

I have held every Chapter office at my local unit until I retired from the ANG. My first position on the National Board of Directors was DAL Ways and Means. Then I became the Treasurer for quite a few years.Then I was off the board for a few years due to my job with the ANG. Once I retired I became the Region 3 director and then became the 1st Vice President for a few years and now have been the President for four years. I have seen many changes to our association, however the biggest change has been the continued reduction of members and chapters. Despite the Board of Directors continued encouargement local chapters are continuing to go inactive. I don't attribute this to our group dynamic, but I firmly believe it is primarily due to the constant requirement for unit members to mobilize in support of one major conflict after another. When I was the Chief of Aircraft Maintenance we were either preparing for a major deployment, being deployed, or getting ready for another inspection. The biggest complaint that I heard from the guardsmen was that they didn't even have time to learn their jobs before they were getting deployed. So it is no wonder that when the airmen come back from a deployment the last thing they want to do is give up more of their time to an organization whose primary goal is to encourage members to complete their PME. 

So I believe that our association has to move into the next phase of its life. We obviously don't have very many active chapters in the country, but we still seem to get scholarship applications for the all important education dollars that we have continued to provide over all these years. And we were challenged by the Director of the ANG to move our organization into that direction. So with your help, we hope to continue to offer the scholarshps into the future. But we cannot do that without some of you stepping up to take over the leadership positions of this group. We are one month out from this years national meeting and we currently don't have anyone who has submitted a nomination form for any of the positions that are currently up for election. This associaiton cannot run itself and we need to have some new members come on the board to carry on for those of us that have retired from our Air Guard jobs.

So seriously consider submitting your nomination form to CMSGt (ret) Janice Richardson who is our current Treasurer. Her contact information is located on this web site. And get your registration form sent in so that we know how many people to plan for. We have to order our banquet meal and the breakfast meal soon, so please let us know you are coming. The room block for our group ends on June 18, so I cannot guarantee you will get a room if you try to make a reservation after that. The clock is ticking and we are just  5 weeks away from the meeting. 

I hope to see you there.

Doug Schulz CMSgt (ret)

President NCOAGA

CMSGT (ret) Doug Schulz

President NCOAGA